The Bright Expression

Boldly gaining momentum and exploring new genre bending concepts The Bright Expression blend syncopated beats, indietronica and cinematic scores to create fresh and exciting sound. 
After crashing into the indie music scene with their successful debut album ‘Bone by Bone’, The Bright Expression have gone from strength to strength touring the UK + Europe. 2018 saw the band release the stunning tracks ‘Cradle’ and ‘Tension’ which gained over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify and were covered by both Christian and mainstream media outlets. This marked an exciting change in creative direction for the three piece, leaving their fans eager for more; which they delivered in the form of an upbeat alt-pop track ‘Monochrome’. 
The Bright Expression have been featured on New Music Friday, placed on Spotify editorial playlists, gained airplay on BBC Introducing and reviewed in Our Culture Mag. 
Led by the poetic force of singer/songwriter Leigh Patching, their sonic experimentation invites bystanders to listen into conversations on life, love and spirituality – creating a truly intimate and immersive experience. 
With eclectic influences ranging from electronica, to hip hop the band name RY X, Daughter, Foals, Bon Ivor and Kate Tempest as some of their most listened to artists.