Matt Hooper

Where it all started…

Music is in my blood. Growing up to Cash, Dylan, Seeger, Springsteen, Paul Simon, The Beatles I guess my musical DNA was set from an early age. I wanted to write the soundtrack to something great. I learnt from the protest singers of the 60’s that if you write the wordsyou can start a revolution. And if you write melodies you could help people have a good time too.

So I decided to write songs.
Great songs connect us.

They remind us who we are and what we love. I’ve played rock n roll in clubs & bars. I’ve led worship all over the world. I’ve seen God’s spirit connect with people in amazing ways in all kinds of places. Songs of hope and healing become stories that can help people in ways I never imagined.

Writing songs and helping people connect to God, to each other – These are my favourite things…