Luke Hodgin

Luke Hodgin is a London based songwriter, worship leader and producer. His music creates a space for authenticity, sincerity and depth, both in the studio and in live settings.

Over the past 9 years, Luke has developed a strong gifting in leading worship at conferences, events and gatherings across the UK and internationally. He has often lead worship at large conferences such as: European Leaders Advance (Encounter Rooms), New Wine, Kingdom Encounter, Frontiers International conference, Evangelical Alliance conferences, and PIH national conferences. 

Equally, Luke has a lot of experience in missional worship, for example; leading worship in south Asia with Frontiers, Ethiopia with Wycliffe, Kenya with the KCP and the many refugee camps of Northern France with Burn 24/7 and CTF. His adaptive style of worship has allowed him to lead worship in UK prisons, in UK Government with Christians in Politics and smaller settings such as leading worship with Martin Smith on a rooftop in east London.