Kings Village

King’s Village is a group of friends, musicians & creative folk from Littlehampton, UK.

Sam Archer, Reuben Harsant & Jamie Mellor make up the creative core of King’s Village, with friends from within their community joining them live to bring the songs to life. Originally formed by Sam after years of solo material, King’s Village write songs of hope & joy that call God’s people to band together in worship.

The bands first EP – ‘No Place Without Hope’ – released in 2016, captured a live evening of worship at Wiston Chapel, West Sussex. This 16th century church served as a beautiful setting where friends gathered to sing and worship together.

“Hearing some of the new song’s from King’s Village, it’s encouraging to know that UK worship is still set to have a global impact.”  Tim Jupp, the Big Church Day Out

“King’s Village carry an authentic love for people and a gifting to lead us into the presence of God in worship. It’s a joy to know them and consider them friends.”  Sarah Yardley, Creationfest