A song can transport the listener into an alternative reality of a narrative, or communicate the heartbeat of a perspective contained within it; notes and cadences unlocking untapped emotions and sounds resonating deeper than articulated words could. This idea has captivated Josh Gauton, who strives to create music that inspires, challenges and excites, with his songs balancing beautiful and diverse melodies with lyrical themes that articulate the complexities of life, faith and emotion. Originally hailing from Canterbury, UK, Josh is now based in Birmingham, having moved from London in 2015.

In 2016 Josh released his independent debut EP, ‘As the Waters Rise’ – a sonic landscape ranging from minimalist electronic beats through to anthemic guitar riffs, paired with deep lyrical content and haunting vocals throughout. Since then, he released the Nativity-themed single ‘The Squalor and the Saviour’ in 2017, and in 2018, Josh started releasing new tracks building towards the release of his first full-length record. ‘O, Peace’ debuted in February 2019 – his most complex and varied to date.