Dire Pitan

Dire is a passionate and deeply soulful singer-songwriter, breaking into the music scene with his distinct blend of soulful simplicity and easy listening.

His sound and vocal versatility instantly draw listeners to his music. Dire is a vivid storyteller, weaving evocative soundscapes as he navigates listeners through his life journey. He discovered his voice (and his potential in song writing) during a difficult period. In this, he found encouragement and comfort through singing.

Dire’s debut EP “Nowhere Else” was released in February 2016 and has since had two tracks reaching #1 on one UK Chart. His latest release ‘No Delay’ garnered him more attention particularly in the UK and US, with multiple reviews, radio and TV features including BBC Music Introducing. He was also featured as one of two UK support act, during the recent tour of Grammy Award Winning Artist Pastor Charles Jenkins.

Dire now performs accompanied by a team of five passionate musicians with whom he is comfortable being creatively vulnerable. With their individual distinct styles of playing and mutual love for music, they have created a different genre that could only be defined as ‘Eclectic soul with a fusion of Jazz and Classical notes’.