Danny O'callaghan

Danny O’Callaghan is a worship leader, singer and songwriter living with his wife, Beth, in London, UK. He has been involved in leading worship in local church for over 17 years and for last 4 years has called Kings Cross Church (KXC) home. Danny has previously been featured in worship compilations and participated in multiple events around the UK and Europe, including David’s Tent, Big Church Day Out, Creation Fest and New Wine.

In September 2016 he released his first solo EP project ‘Son of My Father’ which is an honest account of man’s journey into becoming a son. Expect 80’s sonic sounds and soaring vocals! Danny carries a heart to see people sing their own song to God. For people to see the true full potential of worship not as a ritual but rather a rich discovery of the Father’s intention for humanity. An intimate connection with him that inspires us to live a full life.