Globe trotting producer, film scoring, DJ Andy Hunter plays hardball when it comes to living out dreams. A versatile veteran of the industry, Hunter has plotted a course thus far littered with glittering peaks of success that all started with one giant monumental track from his first release. ‘Exodus’ was the album and ‘Go’ was the single that propelled Hunter’s career into the bright stratos of éclat. Snapped up by EMICMG & Nettwerk in the US, ‘Exodus’ was a major coup for British dance music crossing the Atlantic divide with poise and ease. Released almost ten years ago in the fall of 2002 it still sounds like music from a distant utopian future, epic, hopeful and immediate. ‘Exodus’’ success’ can be measured by it’s heady achievements in a musical arena devoid of imaginative soundscape electronica bent towards classic pop hooks that placed Hunter apart from the pack.

Andy has since released three EP’s, all biblical in proportions characterized by an eclectic mix of glacial beats, orchestral arrangements, electro design and hooky melodies. His music is reminiscent of Chicane, BT and Daftpunk, harvesting the juicy elements that work with his own innovative ideas to form Hunters unique sound.

Andy’s portfolio is indeed impressive with his work appearing on Hollywood films such as The Matrix reloaded and Tomb Raider 2 aswell as American TV comedy programe, ‘Ugly Betty’, ABC’s hit series ‘Alias’ and a handful of video games, including SSX 3, Enter The Matrix, Black Hawk Down, Lumines Mobile, Need for Speed: Underground, BurnoutRevenge and Forza Motorsport 2.

With more new pioneering musical projects in the pipeline; a new EP and a backlog of remix requests ready to drop, 2012 looks set to be a hectic ride for Hunter, one that will see him visit new continents spanning the length and breadth of the globe.

Presence Project was created by DJ and composer, Andy Hunter°, born out of a desire to draw closer to the source of his inspiration and creativity. Andy wanted to find a way to ‘be’ in God’s presence, to reflect, meditate & pray. Presence Project weaves together music, film, poetry and photography to deepen people’s connection to God.

As the project has grown many more creatives have joined with Andy to create ongoing content to inspire the community of users in their reflections & prayers. The list is forever growing with the creatives: Andy Hunter°, BK Garceau, Tim Wickham, Pile Of Pixels, Dan Evans, Simeon Smith, Spark Films & Paisley Productions, Chris Matthews, Tracy Ingham, Gerard Kelly, Rachel Hall, Richard Lyall, Nik Roche, Lauren Dawson, Rachael Smith, Adam Howie, Jess Hall & Sushi Friday.