Promoting a local event is hard work. To get any event to full capacity means understanding that you need to adopt a work hard ethic to ensure this.


  • Artist/author demographic - This would be age, likes and people group of the consumer who would like this type of event. Target promotion
  • Ensure that a minimum of 3 months is available for promotion from point of receiving promotional material (Posters, flyers, videos)
  • Your platforms for promotion within a 40 mile radius or 1 hour drive to venue (don’t just focus on people in your town/city–look beyond.)

2. Platform

  • Look for local platforms to distribute publicity (Posters, flyers) and meet people of influence who can get the word out to their networks. Listed below are a number of key people groups who would help with this:

– Church Leaders (make sure you visit them in person and the groups they represent don’t just rely on mail outs or social media.)
– Worship Leaders
– Youth Leaders/workers
– Children’s Leaders/workers

  • Plan ahead and look out for other events, concerts, and conferences within a 3 month lead time to your event (distribution of promotional resources, handouts or a voice from the platform.)
  • Street teams – a good idea is to encourage others around you to be involved in promotion of the event spreading the resources you need to impact the event. Street teams are people who will take flyers/posters into schools, Christian Unions, colleges and universities. It may be appropriate to offer major influencers Free tickets to add to their enthusiasm for the event. Free tickets for competition winners are always welcomed and a great way to engage your audience. If you don’t have a church listing then an idea is to Google your area for churches within your county and surrounding towns of the event and contact they via their websites or social media pages.


  • Here are a few suggestions of what material you should have when promoting a local event.
  • Physical Print – Posters, Flyers to distribute across the local church networks, cafes etc
  • Digital Design – Same designs as the physical print but to be used for social media push, email attachements, web based email marketing software like mail-chimp.
  • Website – Where appropriate, get banners of the event made and advertised on the church website and event partners websites.
  • Social media – Regular posts via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, strategic targeted adverts via Facebook, Promo video on youtube
  • Multiple hits – ensure that everyone you deal with has been hit twice in person or through literature. Statistics show it takes 3 ½ times for people to recognise a song on radio, therefore consumers need to be hit multiple times to connect with the event you’re doing.


  • Work alongside local Christian bookstores/coffee houses and any other daily outlets to display material and sell tickets.


  • Local media can sometimes be willing to help promote events that are happening within their local area. Therefore contact your local newspaper and their ‘what’s happening’ sections to see if they want to interview the artist/author, attend the concert, run competitions or just add it to their listings.
  • The same goes for Radio and any local community radio stations will have a similar show for what’s happening in their area probably around 3 weeks up front. It’s interesting to note that radio, unless sponsoring the event, will not pre promote up to 2 weeks before.


  • TV – if part of a national tour, then your national promoter may look at TV advertising through Christian TV. Our advice is to always ensure that ads are placed around major profiled shows.
  • Charity – should the artist/author be a sponsor or affiliated with any charity then make contact with them and see if there are any mailings, monthly magazines or emails that you can access for your event.
  • Record Company/Publisher – ensure that should there be a new album or book that the tour dates are added within these products, either via a sticker or a leaflet.
  • Denominations – again should the artist/author be linked to a specific denomination its worth contacting them to use their national database for profile.